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Certified Interior Designer, English Literature Student, Beauty Guru Wannabe, Fashionista, Food & Dog Enthusiast


As a lover of all things food, drink, clothes, décor, literature, beauty and dog, I found myself struggling to find my “niche.” I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly I wanted to focus my attention on, and the more I tried, the less satisfied and accomplished I felt. The task always felt incredibly daunting–and quite frankly–ludicrous. Why, if I’m passionate about so many things, should I choose one to be the center of my blogging life?

My ultimate goal in life is to be happy and fulfilled, and writing is one thing that has always made me feel those very things. I first started this blog as an outlet for my incessant and often irritatingly loud thoughts that seem to consume my ever-busy mind. Being the optimist that I am, I can only hope that it becomes a place where others can feel that same sense of contentment.

I’d like to say that my content will always be exciting and thrilling…but heck, I’m not sure I can promise it will always be interesting. My photography is subpar, (we’re working on it) my life is chaotic; full of absolute nuttery, and I’ve had countless bad hair cuts to which I should probably dedicate a separate blog. Despite this, if I can be sure of anything, it’s that what I write about–whether it be my favorite books, design, my life, or anything else–will always be honest, I’ll post nothing that isn’t a part of my real life.

I hope you enjoy Caffeinated Diaries, and thanks for stopping by.




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